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Christenson Zoo

Open daily until 6pm

Take a stroll in the Christenson Zoo. Meet our Fallow Deer, Peacocks, Chickens, Pygmy Goats, Bald Eagle, Red-Tailed Hawks, Barred Owls and more!

Did you know?

  • The hawks, eagle, turkey vulture and owls are all rescued animals that would not survive in the wild because of injuries and have a home in Look Park.

  • The Christenson Zoo is USDA and MSPCA inspected annually and meets all criteria set forth by both organizations.

  • The Zoo is a free attraction but feeding the Zoo costs thousands of dollars every year. Any support is appreciated.

  • The Maintenance and Ranger Staff at Look Park take care of the animals 7 days a week.

  • The Fallow Deer are all related! They all share the same Buck for a father. 

Listen to the sounds of the Zoo, feed the animals and learn about how they live from the signage by each animal.

Christenson ZooChristenson Zoo

Look Park is a private non-profit park that is not tax payer funded. The Park relies on admission and event fees as well as donations from our community friends and business partners.