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Picnic Sites

How do I get a picnic reservation?

Look Park is a great place for a picnic, however permits are required. Permits may be obtained at the Park Office in person, by phone at 413-584-5457 or an email request to lookpark@comcast.net. Advance reservations are recommended but may be made the same day. Best chance for availability is planning in advance, especially for weekends and holidays. Payment is required when reservations are made. (check, cash, credit or debits cards are accepted). See Look Park Picnic Site Map for locations.

What comes with a table?
All picnic sites have charcoal grills for use and the site is yours for the full calendar day. You do have to provide your own charcoal and matches. We do request that picnickers comply with the City of Northampton’s mandatory recycling effort. All cans, bottles, and plastic jugs must be removed from picnic trash and taken home or placed in receptacles as provided.

Can I have Alcohol?
If you choose to have alcohol at your picnic there is an additional $20.00 charge. Please no kegs and glass bottles

What if I only want one table that is a part of a large group?
Group sites are reserved for picnics with a larger number of people. For example, site 2 has tables A-D, if you want table 2A and 2B you are required to purchase 2C and 2D as well. We do this to accommodate larger crowds.
Please be aware when you are renting part of a group site (Examples; site 2A-D, 8A-D, Club Area, etc) that you may be required to share grills with other parties in the same site. When renting a site which has 2 tables at it you are required to pay for all the tables on that site.

Can I use my picnic voucher for a table?
Yes, you may use one picnic voucher per transaction. We do not allow multiple picnic vouchers to cover multiple tables in one transaction. You may use your one picnic voucher on one table and pay for the others if you decide to purchase more than one table.

Picnic Sites rental fee:

$15 per table  Monday - Friday

$20 per table Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

*You may only use one picnic site coupon per reservation*


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Look Park is a private non-profit park that is not tax payer funded. The Park relies on admission and event fees as well as donations from our community friends and business partners.